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The Embassy of the Republic Ghana in Brasilia wishes to bring to the attention of the Ghanaian Community the under-listed steps required to access Tax Identification Number (TIN) under the Taxpayers Identification System Act 2002, (Act 632):

A. Applicant should visit the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) website at;

B. Download the TIN form to complete and sign;

C. Scan the completed form together with a clear copy of one of the following ID cards:

A valid passport

Driver’s License

Ghana voter’s card

National identification card

Forward the completed TIN form and scanned ID card to the GRA Contact person:

Nana Mensah Otoo (ESQ)

(Principal Legal Officer in Charge of Treaties and

International Agreements)

Via Email Address nana.

Upon receipt of the completed documents, the GRA will revert with the relevant TIN number to the applicant.

2. For companies, applicants will need documents such as

Certificate of Incorporation

Commencement of Business Certificate

Partnership Certificate

External Company Letter

3. Acquisition of TIN is free of charge. It is a prerequisite for the discharge of one’s tax obligations, particularly for every person liable to pay tax, or required to withhold tax at source (see Section 4 of the TIN System Act 2002, (Act 632).

4. Under section 8 of Act 632, without a TIN one shall not be permitted to do the following:

i. To clear any goods in commercial quantities from any ports or factory;

ii. To register any title to land, interest in land or any document affecting land;

ii. To obtain any Tax Clearance Certificate from the Internal Revenue service, Customs Excise and Preventive Service or the Value Added Tax Service;

iv. To obtain a Certificate to commence business or a business permit issued by the registrar General or a District Assembly;

v. To receive payment from the Controller and Accountant General or a District Assembly in respect of a contract for the supply of any goods or provision of services unless that person quotes the TIN issued in respect of that person under the system.

5. A TIN is required for the registration of vehicles and acquisition of passports and driver’s license.

6. Thank you.

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