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Embassy of Ghana in Brasilia Host an Afternoon in Ghana
The afternoon of this Sunday (22/7) started lively at the official home of the Ghana embassy. The ambassador, Abena P.A. Busia, opened the site for 40 Afro-descendant children and adolescents, in collaboration with NGO Colectivo da Cidade, located in the City of Structures (DF). The "Let's Spend an Afternoon in Ghana" event highlights the citizens, the culture of Ghana and the African diaspora. The program includes activities aimed at empowering vulnerable children and adolescents and promoting their interactivity with other guests, appreciating the traditional cuisine of Ghana in the food court; traditional dance, music and drums games and workshops with Ghanaian instructors; the art of the turban and the stamping of African fabrics (printed and hand-made) and other activities that stimulate interpersonal contact. During the event, two films will be screened, Tabom in Bahia, by Nilton Pereira and Juan Diego Diaz, and Olhares Cruzados, a project of the Imagem da Vida team, coordinated by Dirce Carrion.

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