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Ambassador of Ghana concurrent to Colombia handed a copy of credentials to Chancellor Holguín.

In the Palace of San Carlos, last Tuesday, July 10, 2018, Foreign Minister María Ángela Holguín received copies of credentials from the Ambassador of Ghana concurrent to Colombia, Abena Adompim Busia.

The Head of Mission is a graduate of the School of Anthropology and Geography at St. Anthony's College, Oxford and served as head of the Department of Women and Gender Studies, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey between 2011 and 2017.

Diplomatic relations with Ghana were established on June 23, 1988. In August 2013, the Embassy of Colombia in the Republic of Ghana was opened in conjunction with the members of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Peru and Mexico), thus strengthening the Colombian institutional presence in West Africa.

The final agenda of the new Ghanaian ambassador for Latin America, her Excellency, Abena P. Busia, in the city of Bogotá concluded with a visit and lunch at the Cerro de Monserrate, an interview and discussion at the Casa de la Cultura Colombiana with the Congolese filmmaker, Wilfried Massamba and social communicator Mario Luis Benitez Arboleda in addition to the interpreter Esteban Lugo; an interview with the director of the Congress Magazine, Gustavo Castro, and a cocktail at the residence of the Honorary Consul of Ghana in Colombia, Ernesto Rico.

Among the cocktail guests were: The Consul of Argentina in Colombia, the Honorary Consul of Colombia in Jamaica, the former ambassador of South Africa in Colombia, the ambassador Gustavo Makanaky, the filmmaker Wilfrid Massamba, among others.

The final day of the Ambassador was attended by Dr. Norma Lozano-Jackson who made a lightning trip from the United States to accompany her exprofessor and doctoral thesis director and who served as interpreter during the day.

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