The Mission of the Ghana Embassy Brazil is to coordinate, promote and protect the national interests of Ghana within Brazil manner as to meaningfully contribute to the enhancement of Ghana’s security and socio-economic prosperity.

Who We Are

For the effective realisation of its mission, the Ghana Embassy Brazil operates at 27, Rue Ghomara La Pinede-Souissi Rabat Kingdom of Brazil

The Mission provides an efficient one-stop reference for general information on Ghana, an informed market of policies and procedures for the effective promotion of Trade, Investment, Tourism, Immigration and Consular services.

The Mission also produces and disseminates some publications on the various aspects of Ghana’s national activity. These publications can be requested from the Information Section

The Mission ensures oversight co-ordination of four Ghanaian parastatals located in Morocco namely, the Cocoa Marketing Company, Ghana Forestry Commission, Ghana International Bank and the Universities of Ghana. These parastatals provide specialised services in their respective areas of operations.

The Ghana International Bank also provides financial advice relevant to doing business in Ghana.